Enjoy some entertaining moments in our ponding history. Feels like we need to lighten the mood a bit as the workload increases and the daylight decreases. Have a good read and find out why our littlest helpers can be our biggest challenge.

Funny Fish Rule

Funny Fish Rule


Moment #1: The Helper
A father of a young son, about 3, is outside on a beautiful fall day. Sun is shining and warm. He figures it’s a great day to cleanout their pond and prep for the upcoming winter. As part of the seasonal cleaning, he uses a soapy solution to get the remaining grime and filter debris off the patio after spraying various parts and pieces of all their gunk. After removing the filter pads, turning the waterfall pump off, running a small pump at surface level for aeration, and trimming the plants, he ducks into the shed for a moment to get the storage bucket for the waterfall pump, while Junior is observing his efforts.

It’s at this moment that Junior decides to pitch-in and help dear ol dad with his task. The mild and potent dish detergent meant for the patio gets a healthy squirt into the almost pristine pond!!! With a small pump running, the bubbles are few and far between, but the instant foaming has Dad blowing his top and Junior wondering what the fuss is about. (We can’t tell this one without smiling). Dad asks, “Why did you put soap in the pond buddy?” Junior quickly and innocently responds with, “I help you clean.”

After a full draining, scrubbing, and refilling, Dad and Junior enjoyed an unplanned full day pondside. The family fish were all a little shocked, but not harmed thank goodness, and plants did just fine. Not ideal, but lessons were learned that day.

Moment #2: The Go-Getter
Some of our clients enjoy caring for their ponds on their own, and we love that! It gives them a chance to see the full ecological system and balance that is created with their minimal interactions. One particular gentleman decides he’s going to give it a go again. Get in there, get his hands dirty, and get the leaves from the huge Maple in his yard out. Last season it worked so well! What could go wrong? Water will be clean, fish will be happy, and spring will be easier on everyone.
The previous winter was so bad that he lost all of his large fish and had to start over with smaller friends. Hard to see with the murky waters, he left them in the pond for the cleaning. One detail he overlooked was the end on his wet vac. As he sucked the leaves and grime from the bottom of his pond, the power and large opening on the end of his vac devoured his new fish friends like Pac Man eating pellets! The funnier part is he didn’t notice! He was so impressed with the condition of the bottom of his pond, that he didn’t notice they were missing until he discovered them floating in the base of the wet vac. Popped open the top and there they were! Haha Flashes of orange and yellow! He said his heart sank! But then skipped a beat when they were all somehow happily swimming. Looked like they just got off a dirty water log flume, but all were accounted for and somehow unharmed.

Moment #3: The Healthy Appetite
Some of our clients have indoor ponds. Sunrooms, entryways, living room features; we’ve seen them all. This particular couple had one in their foyer.  Mrs would ask for planting advice, as the indoor location limited their selections. We made our recommendations, and just two days after purchasing a slew of plants we heard from her again. No, not to tell us how great everything looked. But instead to say that the 6 plants she brought in were all gone. ALL 6! She then explained how her koi went after them almost immediately after their arrival. She was shocked and somewhat amused at the outcome. She then tried to replace the plants, and again those 6, gone! The addition of floaters, gone! Everything but the artificial Lotus flower she had drifting across the surface. Turns out the Mrs had raised koi with voracious appetites, and even though she fed them 3 times daily, they went with their instincts and chomped heartily on the natural buffet she provided. The most impressive destruction was the 4 foot entangled Sensitive plant that she intended on draping around the edges…..No chance! Lesson learned, it’s faux from now on.

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