Frog Legs Pond Blog

29Jun 2015

A Frog’s Dream has shared images from Aquascape Inc. to show how drastically your home can change with a beautiful water feature. Feeling inspired? Contact us! Source People love before and after photos … an ugly duckling turned swan. I like to think this is because a positive transformation touches on something personal to each […]

10Jun 2015

Here are some articles to keep you informed on Koi and ‘all things pond’ in the real world. Happy Pondering! Koi Released: Now What? The Bangkok Koi Mall There’s A Call On Your iFrog Who Owns The Rain? Mosquito Nemesis A Frog’s Dream Aquatic Services is offering this blog as a personal information source to our […]

26May 2015

What Fish Can I Add to My NJ Fish Pond, you ask… A well balanced pond environment is easily maintained with equal parts of animal and plant life. Plants have started to bud, and produce foliage at an incredible rate with the warm spring sun we have recently been doused with. But what if a […]

12May 2015

Take a peek at some NJ Pond Plants that are simply perfect additions to any water garden area! Here are our favorite blooms. For your reference, we in northern New Jersey are considered Zone 6. Butterfly Ginger: A sweet Gardenia-like scent permeates the summer air. These tropical rhizomes won’t survive our winters, but would do […]

30Apr 2015

As Spring unfolds, whether it’s early and rapid or late and slow-going, the concern is always the same: How can I get plant coverage….quickly. We have included information on some rapid reproducers, that are meant for contained ponds and water gardens. In a natural environment these varieties are quite invasive and can windup doing more […]

22Apr 2015

10 Super Easy Practices That Are Good for the Earth—and Your Budget In honor of Earth Day, here are 10 incredibly easy things we should all be doing: They’re good for the environment and save money at the same time. We’re partial to number 9! Taking major steps like installing rooftop solar panels or buying […]

15Apr 2015

Love being outdoors but sick of those annoying blood-sucking mosquitoes? Put down the sprays and nets, here are thirteen different plants you can grow that’ll help keep the mosquitoes away. Most people know about citronella, it’s found in many products that keep bugs away, but there are others that can do the job. Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) […]

29Jan 2015

A very important question we are asked frequently, and we are going to tell what a full functioning ecosystem fish pond costs installed in Morris County NJ.