Frog Legs Pond Blog

24Sep 2015

POND CALCULATIONS POND (Length x Width x Avg. Depth x 7.5) = Total Gallons PONDLESS® WATERFALL STREAM (Length x Width x .25 (Depth) x 7.5) = Gallons in the stream PONDLESS® WATERFALL BASIN (Length x Width x Depth x 2.2) = Gallons in the Basin Decorative Mulch and Stone  Cubic Yard = Length x Width […]

22Sep 2015

Source Fall Pond Maintenance Serving Morris, Sussex and Hunterdon County- Northern New Jersey When fall rolls around in our part of the world here in Morris County, NJ , the change of seasons is apparent by the beautiful, multi-colored leaves and the cool change in temperatures. It may be your favorite time of year, but […]

03Sep 2015

HELP! Why are there red marks on my fish?!?!? I tested my water but what does it mean when my water test kit produces blue purple green yellow and red water viles?! Take a step back. Relax, and get ready to learn what it all means and how to react when necessary. Source Ammonia levels, nutrients, […]

02Sep 2015

Lots of time and effort are spent caring for our fish friends. Fish protection is of utmost importance when the foliage of our plants start to give way to colder temperatures. Since this change comes about pretty abruptly, we figure it’s good to get our cards out on the table early. An informed attack is a […]

20Aug 2015

Water is THE most important resource in the world. Working in our field, we get used to having virtually unlimited access to it. To think that there are still so many who go without clean drinking water, is hard to fathom. During times of floods and heavy rains, it always seems to cross our minds, […]

18Aug 2015

What is it about summer vacations that makes us long for them in the dead of winter? Is it the crash of the ocean? The serenity of a lake? The quiet hustle of a river? The gentle conversation that can flow freely during any of the previously mentioned experiences? We’re thinking it’s exactly ALL of […]

25Jul 2015

Digging water feature basins in Morris County New Jersey leads us to be covered in Poison something at least once a season. Here are some suggestions if you have met the same fate: Cucumber calms the rash. It’s not exactly a day at the spa, but cucumber slices are one of the simplest poison ivy home […]

17Jul 2015

The absolutely gorgeous Lotus is the pinnacle of the water gardening season for us. We look forward to seeing the happy blooms sprout up from the surface and those delicate petals unfurl. The Lotus can be wintered over. It requires placement well below the freeze line of the pond in order to do so. Unlike […]

16Jul 2015

Hardy Water Lily The Water Lily is a submersible aquatic plant that produces beautiful lily pad foliage and tropical looking flowers to the waters surface. Lilies are best grown in depths of 12″-24″ of water. In our chilly climate here in the northeast, our pond temperatures can fluctuate significantly with the hot daytime sun and […]

01Jul 2015

We are constantly asked, usually around this time of year, what should I do to make sure my fish are okay while I’m away on vacation. We have some thoughts on what to do and not do, to ensure a relaxing trip for you and a calm peaceful existence for your fish friends. Don’t invest […]