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Water-The Epitome of Relaxation!

Imagine you, your family and friends surrounded by the tranquil sounds of water, the birds chirping, and the subtle sound of the breeze, all in the comfort of your backyard!

From an ecosystem fish pond with a series of waterfalls big enough to fill your entire backyard to a small decorative FountainScape in the corner of your landscape, we can help you design, install, and maintain your water-feature.

A Frog’s Dream Aquatic Services will transform your landscape into a retreat to get away from everyday life.

A water feature is any indoor or outdoor décor that incorporates water. From a small tabletop fountain or container water garden to a large commercial lake or retention pond… and anything in-between.

Creating Quality Family Time

Enhanced landscaping improves property value, and water features make your property stand out from the rest. A Pondless® Waterfall in the front yard provides curb appeal, while a backyard Ecosystem Pond increases a home’s value much like a deck, patio, or gazebo. The sound of a water feature will drown out noise from traffic or neighbors. In addition, water features provide an interesting backdrop for entertaining while adding aesthetic appeal to your landscape. Waterfront property is a prized commodity and you can easily incorporate water into your outdoor living space without having to move near a lake or ocean.

Health Benefits

Water features provide soothing sights and sounds that help you relax and de-stress in today’s busy world allowing you to disconnect from all that technology. Lower your blood pressure and improve your physical and mental health as you prop your feet up and enjoy the therapeutic effects of Mother Nature.

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

Most people think of outdoor grills and patio furniture when they think of outdoor living spaces. Once the outdoor meal is over, what more is there to do in your backyard?

While many homeowners turn to pools or hot tubs, they’re discouraged by the amount of maintenance and chemicals required with these amenities. For the price of a hot tub, a beautiful Ecosystem Pond can be installed, and less maintenance is required thereby providing more time to relax and enjoy friends and family. An Ecosystem Pond maintains clarity and quality of water through a balance of fish, plants, aeration, and filtration, often eliminating the need for chemicals. In northern climates, outdoor grills and similar features are typically enjoyed during the warmer months, whereas a water feature can be enjoyed year-round in New Jersey.

Thank you for visiting us and please take a look at the beautiful features we can provide you so you can live the Water Feature Lifestyle!

A Frog’s Dream Aquatic Services, a  Certified Aquascape Contractor servicing Morris, Hunterdon and Somerset ,NJ, specializes in the construction and maintenance of koi ponds, water gardens, fountainscapespondless waterfalls, and pond services.